1.4.0 is beginning

Hello everyone.

Did 1.3.1 help your work in the past three months?

There are always more bugs when you have more features, but it is OK if you keep releasing the newer version.

V1.3.1 Released

Hello everyone, let's make it short: 1.3.1 is released.

Here is changelog:

  • Refactor pages of instance list to enable search and pagination.The search matches the IP or name of the instance and the IP of the hosting…
Document updates and v1.3.1 planning

Hello, everyone. It's been a while since the last release.

Because of the enthusiastic recommendation from some KOL recently, many new users are coming for Nano. Thanks to this, I collect a lot of u…

v1.3.0 released

Hello, everyone.

Six months later, version 1.3.0 is released finally.

At first, here is the security policy management. You can click the button in the instance list to enter the management page directly.

V1.3 developing progress update(11/16)

Hello, everyone. Here comes some new progress.

Version 1.3 entered the beta stage, and the development of the following features finished.

  • Security policy configuration
  • Local image synchronization (uploading iso/qcow2 to the system path through SCP/SSH, and then manually synchronized)
V1.3 developing progress update(10/24)

Hello everyone. I show up again~

Two months passed very fast, We finally settled the affairs of the big boy junior high school and the baby kindergarten.

Belated greetings

Hello, everyone. Long time no see.

Some of you may notice that the code does not update since July, I am sorry for the release delayed again.

Well, Let's talk about v1.3

Hello everyone, 1.2 released for a month. A lot of new users joined the community and gave us much advice on improving.

Here is the draft plan for version 1.3.

1.2 Released

Hello everyone, 1.2.0 released.

From now on, you can customize virtual hardware configurations for your instances.

To manage system templates, enable the new option in the role menu:

development progress update for 1.2

Hello everyone, our development progress is so far so good.

The backend service for management of the Cell storage path and system template completed. The code of front-end pages is under optimizing …