future road map

Hello, everyone, I received a very positive response to our new site. So we can happily talk about a future road map.

The highest priority maybe the API verification. A verify scheme similar to AWS is more security than the current one, which is more suitab…

New Official Website Announced

Hello, everyone, the redesigned official website announced.

I use a combination of React + Material-UI + Gatsby as the framework of this new version, which response faster, simpler for use, and more …

v1.0.0 Official Launch

Hello, everyone, our long-time rally finally reached the first milestone, thanks to your long period of support and feedback, 1.0.0 officia…

v0.9.1 - Refactor Image Service&Operate Logs

Hello, everyone. Nano 0.9.1 released.

This latest version refactor image service into a new standalone module, which solves problems like image locked and data inconsistent, etc…

v0.8.2 released

We fixed a lot of bugs in the previous version, thanks to enthusiastic users.

Please update to this latest version as soon as possible, and apologize for any inconvenient.

v0.8.1 - Batch Process

Hello everyone, Nano v0.8.1 released.

We can finally have some time to improve user experience and management effectiveness, thanks to the foundation built by the previous relea…

v0.7.1 - User Management

Happy New year everyone, the latest version 0.7.1 comes with user management is available.

You will prompt to create an initial administrator when open web portal of this new version at first time. After login, you can manage user…

v0.6.1 - The address pool

Hello everyone, a new iteration is complete, and we are one step closer to the release of 1.0.

The address pool management feature, which won the most votes in the last round of community voting, was developed in 0.6.1.The address poo…

v0.5.1 - High availability and multilanguage

Hello, everyone, another major update has been released.

First, 0.5.1 adds multilingual support. One click on the page and the browser will save for all

v0.4.2 hotfix

Hello everyone

the problem that creates an instance prompt "current storage pool not exists" and cause the Cell module to exit when using v0.4.1 along wit…