v0.5.1 - High availability and multilanguage

Hello, everyone, another major update has been released.

First, 0.5.1 adds multilingual support. One click on the page and the browser will save for all

Secondly, the failover is added to enhance the high availability of the cluster. For a computing resource pool that uses NFS shared storage, all you need to do is turn on the newly added failover switch in the modification page. When a cell lost if failover enabled, the system will automatically migrate all its instances to other nodes in the same cluster.

failover option

Instance migration allows you to manually migrate instances to specific nodes for administrators to optimize performance and extend cluster lifespan.

The node disabling, in conjunction with node migration, suspends requests of creating a new instance and assigns all instances to other nodes while the server routinely maintains or relocate.

This new version already met the requirements of daily maintenance and management. The next step will focus on adding user management, optimizing the code of storage and mirroring, and making preparations for the official release.

Please look forward to it.

Change list:

  • Multilingual support
  • Instance migration and failover
  • Enable/Disable cell node
  • Optimize the configuration based on the system version When creating a new instance. Automatically synchronize the hostname when Cloud-Init enabled.
  • Detect default route when Cell/Installer startup.
  • Add 'qcow2' suffix to disk/snapshot files.
  • Optimizing the scheduling strategy of selecting resource nodes when creating instances, and comprehensively evaluating the real-time load and configured instance resource utilization.
  • List of instances sorted by name
  • Increase randomness for monitoring port selection and guard against port guessing
  • Optimize FrontEnd's Console output to avoid misunderstanding.