v0.8.1 - Batch Process

Hello everyone, Nano v0.8.1 released.

We can finally have some time to improve user experience and management effectiveness, thanks to the foundation built by the previous releases. The most significant change, at first sight, is the new side menu. A dropdown menu is more compact and also easier to expansion for more features.

side menu en

Batch creation and deletion add to host list. Batch creation enables creating a bulk of guest using same configure, also support cloning from image and Cloud-Init.

batch create en

Similarly, when entering the batch mode in the host list, you can select multiple instances and delete in batch.

batch delete en

In the new version, a change password icon is added to help users easily modify their password. change password en

Subsequent versions will give priority to ownership control of resources, Syslog and image server optimization, making the platform more mature and reliable to meet the needs of production.

Change list:

  • Add batch creation and deletion of cloud instances
  • Add user password modification
  • Function menu moves to the sidebar
  • Migrate bridge configuration from an existing network interface, when Cell starts from scratch
  • Startup all modules from any directory using the command line, as well as properly load resource files
  • Fixed: starting the Core module from a non-installation directory fail to load the TLS certificate
  • Fixed: starting the FrontEnd module from a non-installation directory cause 404 error when access web portal.
  • ChartJS update to v2.8