v1.0.0 Official Launch

Hello, everyone, our long-time rally finally reached the first milestone, thanks to your long period of support and feedback, 1.0.0 officially released at last.

In this version, I implement most-anticipated QoS control, which can manage CPU priority, disk IO, and network bandwidth.

qos en

This new version adds visibility control over user group that allows users to access and resources created by others in the same group. Turn on the "visibility" menu in the role to enable.

visibility en

Besides the bath stopping of instances, the latest Installer adds upgrade function to replace and resume modules automated with one click.

All source code published at

The release also updated the Quick Start Guide and REST API document

I will take some time to improve the documents, while having a little break to prepare for the next phase of development, thank you for your long-term support. Any issues, feedback, and contribution are welcome at the Github repository.

Change list:

  • Create guests with QoS options
  • Modify CPU priority in guest detail
  • Set threshold of Disk/Network IO in guest detail
  • Batch stop guests
  • Enable get/update group visibility
  • Automatically synchronize the IP address in the TLS certificate when the IP changes
  • Add 'Update' option to update all installed modules
  • URL of guest operates change from '/guest/' to '/guests/'
  • Search guest/media/disk images via session
  • Generate module name base on br0