future road map

Hello, everyone, I received a very positive response to our new site. So we can happily talk about a future road map.

The highest priority maybe the API verification. A verify scheme similar to AWS is more security than the current one, which is more suitable to use in the production environment.

Secondly, a template schema could combine the virtual hardware configuration for a different operating system, which is easy to custom and extend supported system versions.

Then, for public cloud users, a forwarding module is required to enable exclusive elastic IP or shared IP which automated control route rules from boundary to the instance.

Also, the web portal may be refactored to use React and Material UI, faster, easier, and more adapted to responsive design.

Although this is not a commercial project, the progress will delay a little slow sometimes. But with so many enthusiastic supporters, we will keep moving.

PS: I also fixed the problem of downloading links ref to an old address in the QuickStart instructions sneakily.