version 1.1 begin developing, schedule to release on end of November

Hello, everyone, the development of version 1.1 officially launched.

Nano is designed to use only for the private cloud from the beginning, but more and more users are eager to deploy Nano on the internet for commercial use. So version 1.1's primary goal is to enhance the security mechanism of API.

First of all, an API Key-based signature verification mechanism adds to the Core module, and multiple authentications are enforced for every request, blocking illegal calls, including replay attacks.

All API on the FrontEnd module only available to authenticated users, which bundled with a temporary token mechanism.

Finally, the front-end page is planned to be rewritten using React and Material UI. React will make the pages loading faster, the structure more modular, and easier to maintain. The matured Material-UI library will make a beautiful and easy to use GUI, with a responsive design more adapted to a variety of screen sizes, including mobile devices.

I hope this plan will work smoothly. Please look forward to it.