1.1.0 released

Happy New year, everyone.

A new version finally released after a few months. Thanks for your patience and support for a long time.

Although only a minor change in version number, it is a new breaking point.

This whole new UI rewrote by React, not just pretty look, but also easy to customize.

ui en

All API calls enhanced with the digital signature, while all front-end pages restricted to authorized users.

The current version security level can safely use in any commercial production environment or public network environment.

API credentials configure in "config/api.cfg" of the core module and "config/frontend.cfg" file of the frontend mod

The ID and key must match to pass signature verification. The details of the signature algorithm will describe in future documents.

I hope you enjoy this new version, any feedback is welcome.

Change list:

  • Rewrite the FrontEnd pages using React.
  • Add digital signature to Core API interface.
  • Mandatory session checks added to the FrontEnd interface.
  • Core/FrontEnd API interface URL changed to: / api/v1/
  • Web pages move from 'resource' to 'web_root' of the FrontEnd module
  • Add web_root option to "frontend.cfg" for hosting portal files
  • Network detect interval change to two minutes after established some IP
  • Change "/media_image_files/:id" to "/media_images/:id/file/"
  • Change "/disk_image_files/:id" to "/disk_images/:id/file/"
  • Add CreateTime/MAC address to instance/guest details
  • Reset system before initialization change from error to a warning
  • Fixed: query logs missing and wrong order