Roadmap for 1.2&1.3

We are living in an unpredictable world, when the plague of coronavirus calms down in China, the global outbreak began to threaten us again.

As the quarantine time extended, I have to stay home to take care of children. Then the company's tasks accumulate rapidly, which led to the delay of my developing plan.

I wish all of you and your family are safe and healthy, cause life is the most valuable gift.

The roadmap from 1.2 to 1.3 settled, and the design and API definitions also completed.

Version 1.2 will add the system template for customizing and optimizing virtual hardware configurations for different operating systems.

Version 1.2 can change the storage path of disk files, it will also optimize the Web portal for ease of use and reliability, while more adapt to mobile devices.

Version 1.3 will add the security policy group to control the network traffic for your instance.

If time allows, a new module enables NAT from external address to internal instances will add in version 1.3, which makes address management much more automated.

The new version is developing, please look forward.