1.2 Released

Hello everyone, 1.2.0 released.

From now on, you can customize virtual hardware configurations for your instances.

To manage system templates, enable the new option in the role menu:


Log out and sign in again to access the system template panel.


When building a new instance, you will choose a template from the list created.


The version 1.2.0 allows administrators to change the storage path of instance disk files. Only available on an empty node, make sure to remove or migrate any instances on that node before operating.


The 1.3.0 version will start development soon, and it may include a network-forwarding module and security policy for guests.

Please look forward to it.

Change List:


  • Manage cell storage path
  • Manage system template
  • Reset monitor secret
  • Sync instance number when inconsistent
  • Add forcibly update option to installer


  • Optimize interactive on web dialog
  • Optimize the dashboard display on the mobile device
  • Using VGA as the default video device
  • Installer check firewalld before installation


  • Huge memory occupied when uploading images cause the OOM kill in 1.1.0
  • Change the guest password with a wrong user
  • Out of memory when monitoring guest resource if no qemu-guest-agent installed