Well, Let's talk about v1.3

Hello everyone, 1.2 released for a month. A lot of new users joined the community and gave us much advice on improving.

Here is the draft plan for version 1.3.

A new module named Router will forward external traffic into instances, which also enable public address allocation in address pools.

Version 1.3 is much easier for operating a public cloud, which fully manages the network of instances automated.

The new version allows bind network address using Cloud-Init, which is more reliable and stable than the DHCP method.

The configuration of security policies also will introduce in the new version, which controls the network traffic of the instance.

The user system will refactor into two subsystems. The previous users become the administrators, who are maintaining the platform.

The new users use cloud resources on the platform, acting as the tenant.

On the user side, resources constraints by groups, and resources in different groups isolate from each other.

The manager of a group could control internal permissions, members, and quota.

On the administrator side, you can control the privilege of the resources, in addition to current menu features.

This new version maybe takes about 1-2 months. I will try to speed up and update the progress from time to time.

Please look forward to it.