V1.3 developing progress update(10/24)

Hello everyone. I show up again~

Two months passed very fast, We finally settled the affairs of the big boy junior high school and the baby kindergarten.

Tons of things related to team management and process optimization need to consider in the new company, and our old grandma has a fracture and needs to be taken care of.

After that, I planned a brand-new product for the company, so I had to work hard to finish the whole project design, which left too little for developing Nano.

But here is finally some substance to report. Some of you maybe notice that the code of each module is updated recently. The development is slow, but it already resumed.

Features already roughly developed but not yet tested:

  • Assign addresses to the instances using Cloud-Init which are more reliable than DHCP in IDC.
  • Provide more specified information when creating instance fails due to insufficient resources in the resource pool.
  • Provide more specified information when cloning instance from images fails if the guest disk smaller than the size of the original image.
  • Fix a problem causing login failure that the group data not synced correctly when deleting a user.
  • Fix a problem that sending "ctrl+alt+del" on the instance monitor page in version 1.2, which blocks you from logging in to the Windows Server.

Features in developing:

  • Security policy configuration
  • Local image synchronization (uploading iso/qcow2 to the system path through SCP/SSH, and then manually synchronized)

Due to the limited time, I am very sorry that the scheduled features about the router and multi-tenant have to delay to the subsequent version.

I will try to release the 1.3 as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.