Document updates and v1.3.1 planning

Hello, everyone. It's been a while since the last release.

Because of the enthusiastic recommendation from some KOL recently, many new users are coming for Nano. Thanks to this, I collect a lot of useful feedback for improvements.

In the gap of the Spring Festival, I improved guidelines and API references on the official site.

While the API reference is reconstructed and revised, the manual adds to the website, with both rendered HTML page and raw format. I hope it could help those who want to customize Nano.

The QuickStart and FAQs add some tips for common mistakes, do read them first for your convenience.

Based on the feedback of the last version, a small upgrade of 1.3.1 may release soon.

It will provide an official solution for pagination and instance searching, which fulfill the increasing deployment scale.

Nano change from a tiny toy to a reliable tool with all your support and help. More and more users deployed Nano in their production systems in the past three years.

In the new year, I have further challenges in both career and family, like developing a new product or buy a large apartment.

Because of too much work to do, I usually work till late at night recently. It is hard to guarantee the time and energy in Nano development.

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