V1.3.1 Released

Hello everyone, let's make it short: 1.3.1 is released.

Here is changelog:

  • Refactor pages of instance list to enable search and pagination.The search matches the IP or name of the instance and the IP of the hosting cell.
  • Able to switch the auto startup option of a guest on the detail page.
  • In all instance list pages, display IP of the host instead of name if available that more convenient for operation and troubleshooting.
  • The installer will display the current Nano version and Installer version separately to avoid confusion.

This version may be the fastest development in our history.

This update focuses on the features for mass production system deployments, such as pagination and searches.

Those features requested in very early stages but not scheduled due to the low priority.

As the stability and maturity verify for a long time, more and more users joined us, the deployment scale of Nano is getting larger and larger.

That's why the new version is essential.

I hope you will like the new version, and thanks for all your support.