1.4.0 is beginning

Hello everyone.

Did 1.3.1 help your work in the past three months?

There are always more bugs when you have more features, but it is OK if you keep releasing the newer version.

So, let's talk about 1.4.0.

Although strong and simple are key features of Nano, it will become inconvenient when the scale of the system gets bigger and bigger with the current design.

What if we choose a predefined plan to create an instance instead of configuring every parameter.

What if the departments in the enterprise only need to manage their own resources without worrying about how to build the platform?

I think the answer is the multi-tenancy platform.

All previous account before 1.4 is called system administrator, responsible for the management and maintenance of the whole platform.

A whole new multi-tenant mechanism will add to Nano, which allows a tenant account to manage its own resource but isolate and invisible to each other.

A tenant account usually has multiple user accounts, which manage the resource of its own or group. The tenant account will log in at a landing page different from the system administrator.

The system administrator can manage the instance packages that offer to tenants. Tenants can quickly create instances with predefined configures.

The design is still in progress, any suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Thank you.