All source code published on Github, you can compile and deploy manually.

However, the Installer recommends to automatically install and configure the environment, which integrates the latest module binaries and dependent RPM package. Just download and execute the installer to build a new platform in minutes. See instructions in Quick Guide.

Minimal System Requirements:
  • Virtualization enabled X86 servers, or nested virtualization enabled virtual machines(Intel VT-x/AMD-v)
  • 2 cores/4 GB memory/50 GB disk/1 network interface
  • CentOS 7 Minimal
  • Operation system installed with network ready
  • If you have raid or LVM, please configure them before installing Nano.
  • Browser: Chrome/Firefox

Prebuild Images

A prebuild image has the operating system and components such as QEMU-Agent/Cloud-init/ACPID installed. You can start cloning instance once uploading a prebuild image immediately. Save you a lot of time of installing and configuration.

You can also create a host template that meets your needs from scratch with an ISO image.

CentOS 7.5
CentOS 7.5(1804) Minimal bundle with qemu-agent and acpid. Default user:root/123456
SHA1sum: 0749cccf5012b96e8e1459ba6eb308cb3ded10ca
CentOS 7.5
CentOS 7.5(1804) Minimal bundle with cloud-init and cloud-utils, enable auto-initialization when boot by Nano. Default user:root/123456
SHA1sum: c029b8a95d0f69c088b0f240a013eebead224748