Roadmap for 1.2&1.3

We are living in an unpredictable world, when the plague of coronavirus calms down in China, the global outbreak began to threaten us again.

A real very very long vacation

Hello, everyone, as the epidemic gradually stabilizes, we all have to start packing up the mood and getting ready to start work.

It is very awkward that I found the version labels on the home page and in the Quick Guide are still the old version after released for alm…

A challenging beginning for 2020

Hello, everyone. It is a tough beginning of 2020 for China.

I fly hundreds of miles to Guangzhou for the Chinese Spring Festival but only spent a boring and healthy New year completely indoor due to …

Let's talk about 1.2.0 and further

Hello, everyone. It's very appreciated that a lot of positive reviews and feedback received for 1.1.0.

According to the current survey and feedback, the planned 1.2.0 will priority provide sharing different ports of a single public IP with mu…

1.1.0 released

Happy New year, everyone.

A new version finally released after a few months. Thanks for your patience and support for a long time.

Although only a minor change in version number, it is a new breaking point.

2019.12.23 version 1.1 development progress update

Hello, everyone, it's time to update the progress again.

In addition to the dashboard, all the functions of the instance completed.

Remote Control:

1.1 development progress update 2: oops. have eggs on my face~

Hello everyone, it is a truth that a promise made for breaking.

The schedule of release at the end of December delayed due to recent family affairs occupied too much time.

1.1 development progress update

Hello everyone, 1.1 has developed for two weeks.

The new mechanism based on API Key already implemented, which will reject all unauthorized requests send to Core/FrontEnd. The details of t…

version 1.1 begin developing, schedule to release on end of November

Hello, everyone, the development of version 1.1 officially launched.

Nano is designed to use only for the private cloud from the beginning, but more and more users are eager to deploy Nano on the internet for…

Thanks to sponsorship from Jetbrains

Hello, everyone, long time no see, it is a very long vocation about China National Day and a traditional festival till recently.

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