v0.4.1 - NFS Storage Pool

Hello everyone

Sorry for this delayed delivery because of recent busy works. This major update after more than a month has finally arrived.

0.4.1 implement NFS back-end storage access, a major update due to separate the computing and storage. The corruption of the Cell node no l…

v0.3.1 released
  • Add snapshots management: create/ delete/ restore/ query
  • Support insert/eject media in an instance, add media attached icon in status.
  • Lock volumes when long time running task execute to protect integrity.
v0.2.3 released
  • Support choose installed module when cloning from an image
  • Enable change admin password/create new admin/auto resize&mount disk when ci module enabled (cloud-init cloud-utils required in guest)
v0.2.2 released
  • Enable KVM instead of TCG of QEMU, boost performance when VT-x/AMD-v enabled
  • Using the IDE system disk if the system of an instance is "windows".
v0.2.1 released
  • Add guest modify page: instance_detail.html
  • Modify Cores/Memory/Disk Size
  • Set/Get user password (qemu-guest-agent required)
  • Fixed: a newly uploaded disk image cannot use in cloning
v0.1.3 released
  • Disk image upload and download
  • Handle instance address changed event
  • Compute instance CPU usage properly
  • Resize guest disk when clone finished
v0.1.2 released
  • Gracefully disconnect when module stop
  • Add version output on the console
  • Add qemu-agent channel in guest
  • Try to reconnect when core disconnected